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Don't worry.

We're here to save you from that jargon you hear every enrollment season. But we're not kidding when we say your UT FLEX account can save you serious cash on all the things your health insurance doesn't cover.

  1. Choose the amount you want to contribute(tax-free) from your paycheck to your accounts.
  2. Access the full election of your UT FLEX Healthcare account at the beginning of the Plan Year and use your UT FLEX debit card to easily pay for eligible healthcare items.
  3. Get reimbursed for eligible dependent care items with what you chose to contribute from each paycheck for your UT FLEX Dependant Care account.

Calculators never lie.

The more you elect to contribute to your UT FLEX account, the more you'll have to spend tax-free. It's a win-win.

See for yourself. Our calculator determines how much you can save based on your contributions to your UT FLEX account(s).

UT FLEX in a nutshell.

UT FLEX for Healthcare.

You'll fund your UT FLEX Healthcare account by simply setting your election amount each year, up to $2,600. The contribution amount you choose will be deducted evenly out of each paycheck throughout the year.

UT FLEX for Dependent Care.

When a family member needs care, but you still have to work, a Dependent Care FSA is a smart and convenient way to save for, pay for, and budget dependent care-related expenses, up to $5,000.

Ditch the glasses. UT FLEX can pay for your laser eye surgery.

Yes, if you happen to be getting laser eye surgery this year, your UT FLEX Healthcare funds will cover it. But your UT FLEX isn't just for the big medical expenses, it's for the little things you might use every day.

Items you didn't know UT FLEX covered:

  • Insulin
  • Acupuncture
  • Bandages
  • Teeth Cleanings
  • Reading Glasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Oxygen
  • Contact Solution
  1. It's accessible. Our easy-to-use online portal and Maestro Health mSAVE mobile app let you manage your accounts in one place, any time, anywhere. 
  2. You want reliable service. Cool apps are nice, but a great service experience is crucial. We'll make sure things work right and on time. 
  3. Even your sunscreen is covered. That's right. Use your UT FLEX debit card on simple, everyday items like a bottle of SPF. 
  4. Your wallet is busting at the seams with receipts. With our Maestro Health mSAVE mobile app, you're able to file a claim by simply snapping a photo of the receipt. 
  5. You need a break from the kids. School's out and summer camp is now more affordable than ever with UT FLEX. (Obviously, this only applies if you're working or off work for eligible reasons.) 
  6. It's mobile. We know you're always on the go. Access and manage all accounts and transactions anytime, anywhere. 
  7. No cash, no problem. You'll have easy access to your UT FLEX Healthcare account funds on one card - your UT FLEX debit card. 
  8. It saves time. When a bill comes in the mail, login to your account, enter a little information, and we'll take it from there and mail your payment directly to your provider. 
  9. You'll save more money. Up to 30% more, actually. Your UT FLEX is designed with you in mind - to help you save on out-of-pocket healthcare expenses. 
  10. We'll have your back. Always. Whether you lose your UT FLEX debit card or forget what's covered, we'll be there to assist you anytime. 

Accounts On-The-Go Are So Easy, Even Your Dog Could Do It.

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Our easy-to-use online portal and mobile application lets you manage your accounts all in one place.

  • View and print accounts statements
  • File a claim by snapping a photo of the receipt
  • Check your reimbursement status
  • Access education, calculators and helpful how-to videos
  • Get alerts and notifications
  • Contact support


You've got questions. We've got answers.

When will I have access to my full election amount for UT FLEX Healthcare?

Since UT FLEX Healthcare accounts are pre-funded, you’ll have access to your full election amount at the very beginning of the plan year, regardless of how much you’ve contributed so far. It’s like a tax-free, interest-free loan to help you pay for healthcare expenses.

What if I don’t spend all of the money in my account when the plan year ends?

Don’t worry. The UT FLEX program offers a Grace Period which allows you an extra 75 days to incur healthcare claims and use up your prior year UT FLEX Healthcare election.

The UT FLEX Dependent Care account requires you to use up your election by August 31. There is no grace period for the DCRA.

Can I make changes to my UT FLEX Healthcare election throughout the year?

Changes to your election amount (between annual enrollments) are only permitted due to a change of status such as getting married or having a baby.

Who does my UT FLEX Dependent Care account cover?

Your child (who’s qualified and under the age of 13) and/or your spouse, child or relative (who’s qualified and physically or mentally unable to provide care for themselves).

How do I set up my online account?

To register, go to myUTFLEX.com. You will need to use your Benefits ID (BID) and your employer ID which is BBB132002030

For more information or help, email questions@maestrohealth.com or call 844.UTS.FLEX.

So wait, Maestro Health who?

We're Maestro Health, your UT FLEX partner. Your benefits shouldn't be confusing, which is why our service approach was strategically built to truly serve the end-user: YOU.

With our innovative technology-meets-service platform, we help you navigate the confusing world of benefits--making your decisions easier, experiences happier and lives healthier. We exist to serve beyond enrollment - the other 364 days in the year are important to us too.